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Super car tire adhesive glue
Super car tire adhesive glue
Super car tire adhesive glue
Super car tire adhesive glue

Super car tire adhesive glue

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Repair your broken car tire IN 5 seconds!! Glue on the broken area and fix the hole!!  No need to buy a new one !!!

Reuse your car tire !! This glue is super adhesive and durable!! It can resist high temperature, water and even strong impact. The duration time lasts for more than 3 years!!

No need spare tire!!! What you need is Super Glue! It is widely applicable and safe to use!! Repair your car tire, toys or home stuffs instantly !! Non-corrosive and non-toxic chemicals are used. Safe to touch it with bare hands!!!



{Fast and Durable} Repair your car tire in 5 seconds!! Patch your tire easily!!  No air Leakage anymore!!

{Water-proof and temperature-resistant} The glue can resist about MAX temperature 300°CYou can drive as quick as you want and NO Need to worry about "melting the glue".  It is also water-proof. Free to drive in rainy days!!!

{Long lasting} The glue lasts for more than 3 years!! Most of the users use even more than 5 years !!!

{Widely Applicable} This Super Glue can be also used in bicycle tire, toys and other household products!!!

{Safe to use} This glue is non-corrosive and non-toxic. It is non-sticky to hands. It is dried out and removable if it sticks on hands.

How to use
Product specification
  • Product weight : 50 g
  • Storage Temperature : 25 °C
Package included
  • 1 X 50g Super car tire adhesive glue