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Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer
Easy Oil Sprayer

Easy Oil Sprayer

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Enhanced your food flavoring in cooking with this oil spray bottle and make the food more delicious! With the atomized oil sprayer, you may now evenly distributed and covered the food on the surface and enjoy a low-fat healthy life!
Strong and lightweight, portable and refillable oil sprayer, perfect for cooking, making salad, grilling, roasting and frying barbecue and more. This can also be used for mister spraying alcohol on the furniture or clothes for sterilize and cleaning.
Enjoy a mess-free cooking with its easy to spray feature! Convenient for you and easy to clean with detergent soap and water.

• Time-saving
Made with easy spray feature, will save your time cooking and no need to brush a layer of oil while baking, grilling, roasting, and more.
• Healthy cooking
Made with  food grade plastic material and  BPA-FREE! Will evenly distributed oil on the food  and enjoy a low-fat healthy life!
• Mess-free
Simply press the pressurized sprayer, will produce a fine amount of oil, will make it easier and cleaner for your cooking!
• Leak proof
Has a specially designed lock, will seal the bottle tightly to prevent leakage! Simply close the top-cap of the sprayer bottles, press down slightly and turn it, until you hear a click, and done, perfectly sealed!
• Easy to use
Simply refill your product with oil, twist the lid, and ready to use!
• Multifunctional
Perfect made for home & kitchen tool, can be used for filling oil, vinegar, vegetable oil, lemon and lime juice, sauce, sherry or wine and more.
• Easy to clean
Reusable and can be brush with detergent soap and rinse in water.

• Capacity: 180 ml
• Colors: White

• Material: PP

• Oil Sprayer x 1 pc